The Book of Begin


This is how The Book of Begin begins.
I wake to a decent happiness.
The words rise up out of predawn dream:
I’ve just published the Book of Begin
And a reader asks is it enough?
Oh yes I say it’s more than enough.
I waited so long expecting too much,
And almost missed its soft arrival.
How did you know it’s enough I’m asked.
Well, I got up and wrote this down I say.
That’s how The Book of Begin began.


That’s how it began. Now, one day at a time The Book of Begin comes into being. On this long journey we’ll be on every day lookout for ways to better let the Divine shine through, while listening closely for calling, staying open to wonder and surprise, and experimenting with practices for traveling light and keeping it holy. Some days it will all come together. Other days it wont. We expect this. Though we’re headed towards the mountaintops, we’re ready for the valleys. Though we long to walk in the light, we’re ready for the darkest nights. That’s the pilgrim life. Every day a new beginning.  Blessings always on the way. Buen Camino.

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